Wednesday, May 22, 2019
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Are you ready to take the next step towards making your Internet presence vision a reality?  Please follow the procedure below.  You are under no obligation and the consultation is free so what do you have to lose?  We look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship with you.  Please click on the request form and fill it out   Please give a brief description of the scope of your project.  We will get further details later.  Please don't forget to fill out the contact information and which form of contact you prefer (phone or email).    Now you are on your way to getting the website you always wanted!!


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  1. We will contact you by phone to briefly discuss your audio project so we can start to get an idea of what your "vision" is.   
  2. We will then set up a meeting in person with you for a one-on one consultation to get more details about your business and the scope of your audio ad project.
  3. Prior to the meeting, we will ask you to reflect on what you are looking to accomplish with this audio project.  Here are some quesitons you might ask yourself:
    1. Do I want to just get an audio ad to place on my existing website, where I supply the copy?
    2. Do I want to just get an audio ad to place on my existing website, where NCS supplies the copy?
    3. Do I want to get a radio ad produced to place on the KNCS radio station?
    4. Do I want to have a show on the KNCS radio station?
  4. During the meeting, all of these questions will be answered and the exact scope of your audio project will be discussed and determined.  If you are interested in having your audio content on KNCS Christian Radio Station, a package must be selected to determine the scope of the advertising (how many airings/day for how long) will also be decided. Pricing for the project will also be discussed at this time.
  5. After the meeting, we will get started on your project, and keep you abreast of the progress all along the way.  You will get final approval of the project before it is finalized (except in the case of being broadcast on the Radio station--that is our sole discretion).
  6. If you decide you want a program on the KNCS Christian Radio station, a package will also be discussed for that as well the committment required to maintain new content for an ongoing radio show.  A one-time program can also be discussed if that would better suit your needs.  Please keep in mind that the content on the radio station is at the sole discretion of the owners of the KNCS radio station, so your content would require approval before it would be broadcasted.



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